My Equipment

Once a rider has been internationally classified they receive an FEI Para Equestrian International Classification Identity Card (IPEC ID Card) describing their profile number, Grade and a list of compensating aids they are allowed to use in competition.

This is the list of compensating aids I use:

  • Voice
  • Whips
  • Leather Handle
  • Velcro straps from girth to stirrup (
  • Velcro on stirrups iron and slip-on bootie
  • Salute with head only

Dispensation Certificate: As a disabled rider I also compete in able-bodied competitions, competing under British Dressage rules, I have a dispensation certificate, which is a signed form from British Dressage that states certain allowances that can be made in order for me to compete on level terms with able-bodied riders. (These are the same compensating aids described above)

How To Get On My Horse At Competitions

I have to use a platform to swing my legs on so that I am level with the horse.

I use a small builder's platform which is the same height as Murphy and Solly....

''C'mon Boys!!''

The latest piece of equipment is to assist me in getting into my Horsebox, it gets me into the cab and living area, it also gets me on to my 'scaffold' (shown left) and lets me mount Murphy and Solly.

My new Alexanders 3.5t Horsebox for shorter day trips.

(It's an auto, with hand controls so I can drive it myself!)

My  7.5 t Horsebox, for longer journeys and overnight stays! His name is 'Vincent'