...If I Can Do It Anyone Can!

If, like me, you're a disabled rider wanting to compete in dressag, there are several options open to you. You can compete in classes solely for disabled riders, but you are also eligible to compete in able-bodied competitions. Depending on which organisation is running the competition, the rules and standards required will vary, but your first step would be your local RDA centre.


The RDA organizes dressage competitions to suit people at all levels and with all types of disability. Many disabled people get involved in riding through the RDA for therapeutic reasons. It gives mobility, independence and enjoyment to people who may otherwise have difficulties in getting around and being active. 

RDA dressage test range from very simple tests in walk only, allowing a helper to lead the horse, right up to tests equivalent to Elementary level. The RDA holds a National Dressage Championships annually with qualifiers taking place all around the UK.

If you enjoy riding ...and have that competitive  streak ...and want to take it a step further and compete, then that's easy too!

Move on up to Para Dressage...



Hoof Ride is the British Equestrian Federation's participation programme that aims to get more people horse riding and enjoying equestrian sport. 

By connecting people to riding facilities, clubs and equestrian sporting organisations, Hoof is helping more people to discover horses, get fit and improve their well-being.

Hoof can help you discover everything horses have to offer, from where to ride and how to stay safe around horses to the health benefits and support for equestrian business.



You are required to be classified by a physio before you can compete.  Initially you may not need to become a member of British Dressage to compete, for example, if you enter restricted classes you can do so as a non-member with a class ticket. However when you feel you are ready and if you wish to enter qualifiers for the KBIS National Championships at Stoneleigh or the British Para Dressage WinterChampionships or start climbing the ranks you will need to join as a member.

Just get in touch with me and I'll help you all I can too!


Many moons ago aged four, we were on holiday in sunny Largs, a wonderful place with the famous Nardini's Cafe and the beautiful beach....which had pony rides! I just had to have a pony ride and have been 'hooked' ever since! ....probably the most expensive pony ride ever! ...and certainly life changing as later events had it!

Probably the most expensive pony ride ever!

Will you buy me a pony Daddy?....Flash!  the first !

  Hopscotch ...the second! 

     Will you take me to the Gymkhana Mummy? Bramble..the third!

Then along came the wonderful High Jinks!    

...and the not so...Pheobe!  ...but she was sweet! Awwww   

After Phoebe, (who would do a wonderful clear round at 3' and then refuse, or knock down every pole at 2'6'' 10 minutes later! ) I found the mighty 'Murphy , who was my eventer, the week before my accident we won the British Eventing Scottish Intro Championship! 2005! A week later I had schooled Murf ready for a competition on the saturday and then  a friend asked me to school her horse for her, during the session it reared up , fell back on me, giving me no time to 'roll' and trapped me underneath. I spent almost nine months in the Queen Elizabeth Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow

Before I left the unit, I had arranged my first lesson at HIghland RDA... and two years later I was back on the 'Murf', 

Para - Dressage here we come! I did my first RDA competition in 2009 and my first  Para Dressage competition in 2010.