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Very excited to announce I have been shortlisted for the Women of The Future Awards for 2016 in the sport category.  This is such an honor and incredible opportunity.  To be up shortlisted against some incredibly inspiring and influential women is a bit daunting but I feel extremely lucky! 

2016 has been a year of ups and downs so far. But thankfully ending on a high. After a couple of set backs with Solly being injured, his turn instead of mine. August saw us competing successfully at Bishop Burton College in Yorkshire at our only international competition this year. We came 3rd overall and 2nd in our freestyle to music. 

Then September brought even more excitement.... Rio Paralympic Games.  It was such an honour and amazing opportunity to have been selected to go to Rio Paralympics as part of the Paralympic Inspiration Programme.  I took away so much from 6 days we had!  We travelled over as group of 14 comprising of 11 athletes 1 psychologist and 2 coaches, all selected on to the programme and there to learn from the games experience.  We had a hand book which had 10 learning modules in it. So everyday was very much a learning day and we had to try and observe as an athlete and not get too involved as a spectator... This was obviously quite difficult when you got consumed by the atmosphere. 

We learnt what it was like to live as a Paralympian, getting access to the athlete village, food hall and also the accommodation. And also we got access to the British House, where athletes, friends, family and media go to chill out away from the village and competition environment. This was a fantastic experience and we really got a feel for being part of Paralympic GB family.  We also learnt how to compete as a Paralympian, covering areas on how to compete under pressure, how to get about at the games - scale and size, transport systems and accessibility. We learnt how to manage our energy, hydration. Media management, anti doping  I really felt I learnt a lot about myself, and faced many challenges from navigating Heathrow, travelling on my first long haul flight since my accident, and travelling outside the UK for the first time since my accident to learning to manage my energy levels on very long days and In the heat! So many personal goals achieved along side  and what I need to change or work on to better improve my own performance and get me in track for Tokyo! 

Solly and I have made the final selection trials for World Class which will be held at the end of October, fingers crossed we get reselected  for the next 2 year cycle and I am also mid qualifying for the Para Winter Championships which will be held in March! 

WOW WOW WOW.... so I have some very exciting news, I've selected on to the Paralympic Inspiration Programme through the British Paralymipic Association to go to Rio in September so I can experience the paralymics.  This will be an amazing opportunity, one I may never get again, but here's hoping it gives me an insight for Tokyo 2020 which I have my sights firmly set on!  This opportunity wouldn't be possible without the World Class Programme which has opened so many new doors for me and is developing me as an athlete! Solly will be staying at home this time but I will be sure to tell him all about it when I get back.